On Page optimisation

On page Process example

The process is as follows:

On page

  1. Research core keywords with high volume
  2. Divide keywords into core, supporting, location etc.
  3. Show where client currently ranks for keywords
  4. Make suggestions for ‘missing pages’
  5. Optimise hub page for “core keyword” using all keywords variations
  6. Write content for hub page if required describing the different keyword options
  7. Link the hub page to all other  related web pages
  8. Work within the site optimising the content and images and linking back to hub page
  9. Include internal links to other related non target keyword pages where appropriate
  10. Use a variety of anchor text and alt image linking text / Ensure all meta data is correct
  11. Ensure that a user can navigate through the entire section without visiting the top nav
  12. Proof and make live / Document all changes