SEO Process: What you can expect

Where to start: Although keywords, revenue targets and campaigns differ in terms of difficulty or scale, the process remains the same for all clients.

The first point of reference is to gather all data that is available in terms of Google analytics, sales data, PPC keywords, converting keywords etc. All of this data needs to be compiled into a strategy that has clear and transparent targets.

What we are really looking for is a traffic to conversion ratio

So for example if 100 visits to the website results in 2  sales if we have 1000 visitors to the website we have 20 sales.

What this help dictates is our overall strategy including that of  content.. Content strategy is then dictated by supposed traffic per keyword for ranking number one.

Should a website for example have a conversion rate be much lower than 1% then we know that a strategy of attracting traffic through long tail keywords would be unlikely to succeed.Web traffic increasing

Workable, measurable SEO Strategy

What we are looking for is a plan of action where responsibilities are clearly defined and all involved know exactly what is expected of them.

Although I am often the lead consultant I cannot achieve everything alone and need to rely on either clients external resources to undertake the hands-on work or my own team. Either way the resources we have to achieve the targets with set must be maximised to achieve the very best result.

How I work

Process divided into on page and off page SEO

  1. On Page Optmisation Process
  2. Off Page Optimisation Process or backlinks