What I need to begin work

Log ins & data required where possible

Below are a number of log ins and data required to implement work, report and analyse results.

All log ins and data are strictly confidential and any information will not be shared with any third party. (Please see Page 2.)

Permissions / log ins

  1. Google analytics
    1. Please add permission for the email address sykes@vanillacircus.co.uk
    2. Read and analyse level is sufficient
    3. How to do this?


  1. Google Webmaster tools (Search Console)
    1. Add user
    2. Permission FULL
    3. How to do this?


  1. WordPress / Magento log in
    1. Permissions can be set to editor, but may have to be upgraded to Admin should you wish VC to work a more advanced level
    2. How to do this? (WP)
    3. How to do this? (Magento)


Useful Data

  1. Keywords
    1. Keyword data from any source (PPC, research, old data)
    2. Any additional SEO reports or analysis carried out previously
    3. Any industry specific keywords / phrases


  1. Products or services
    1. List of most important / profitable products / services


  1. SEO / Organic Search History

Any history of how the site ranked previously / Any significant changes in ranking