Consulting work

To make a start the first thing I need to know is what you are looking to achieve. If we don’t have a destination and it’s very difficult to plan a journey.

I really need to know what the website is doing at the moment to have access to Google analytics. I then need to be able to translate this data into monetary terms. More on what is required to make a start.

What I mean by this is I need to ascertain what traffic is required to meet your new targets. With this data in place I can begin to answer your questions on how we’re going to get there what success will look like and what resources will need to achieve this.

There is no passing the buck, I am responsible for traffic coming from Google, onto tyour website AND  then the making of an enquiry or sale (or not).

If something is not going to plan, if there is a problem or we are failing at something then it is my responsibility to find out why and offer a solution to fix it.

I am available on a freelance ad hoc basis or on a monthly retainer.

Tel: 07802 944593