About me

My name is Benedict.

Originally trained as a web designer, I was tasked with designing websites clients that were both striking and memorable. As with all design projects I ever undertook, everyone was interested looking at images and colours and no one was interested in writing content.

With a degree in history, and multiple English literature qualifications, I had already written two novels and one play, so writing content for websites soon became fun and second nature.

Then came a problem.

The websites were good-looking, there are effective and visitors made purchases. The content flowed and was persuasive and easy to read.

However the problem was traffic. All of the websites helped up-sell products and services to existing clients, however they failed to gain new business.

I found it both embarrassing and demoralising. When the client and I had spent so long designing and writing these websites only for the traffic numbers to be low.

This is when I began to look at how we can gain traffic from the Internet from web users who have not heard of the client’s business and how we can then convert these into new customers.

This was in 2003. Google was still establishing itself as the number one search engine. At the time there were no books on SEO, and what forums there were provided little information.

Google in 2004

I decided to create 50 websites of my own and use these as a test case to see exactly what on and off page optimisation was required to rank number one in Google Yahoo and MSN (now Bing).

As Yahoo and MSN produce such poor traffic results my main focus switch to Google. As a coda I began to try and emulate Google’s algorithm. Here I would run list of rules that converted into points against websites I’ve created and compare them against websites which currently ranked number one.

I would look at common SEO thinking and compare it with my experience and research. I soon worked out that no one was interested in what I actually found out to be true and were more content with just agreeing with with what was currently understood about Google scoring mechanism.

In the last 14 years I have worked within a number of agencies working within organic search that is unpaid search or non-Google ad words search. I have run PPC campaigns I’ve executed large email broadcasts but my primary focus on interest is the presenting of a website in content and code formats, backed up by back links created instant using such a web architecture that the result is a format that Google recognises and rewards with a number one position within its index.

Put simply I tell a better story.

I now have 14 years experience within a SEO. I can honestly say that if I cannot take your website to number one in Google then perhaps it is not possible.