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My name is Benedict. I am an extremely diligent and confident SEO consultantMy name is Benedict. I am an extremely diligent and confident SEO consultant that prides myself on delivering the very best in SEO output for my clients.

Experienced: I have over 14 years experience working with Google’s organic search.

Focused: I do not work with PPC, nor do I undertake social media campaigns, I am solely focused at doing one thing very well, SEO or organic search traffic gained from a Google search.

Established: I have five support staff are all engineers with a passion for optimisation, websites, language and organic search.BBC

Trusted: I am responsible for all client strategy and represent a client’s key contact. The buck stops firmly with me.

Renowned: I am well known in the SEO industry, and known as the consultant to go to when all else fails.  I have work with over 50 SEO agencies since 2003, consulting on multiple areas including data optimisation and advanced backlinking strategies. All work is strictly confidential.

Transparent: We use the no report no invoice method. All work is catalogue and archived. A client receives a written paper report and a digital copy. All Google rankings are available 24/7. See reporting.

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6 reasons why Businesses employ my consultancy services

1. Creative and technical

    One core advantages I have are other SEO consultants is I am extremely creative and highly technical. I can write prose, choose effective images and  code in html, php and python and create successful marketing strategies.

Clients me to deal expect with both technical fixes and advanced optimisation skills like schema markup language, AND also develop and present creative ideas that can gain new sources of traffic and gain new revenue streams.

Clients can expect this part of the business services by actively engaging thing of new ways to promote to sell or to describe their products. This can be advising on prices, segmenting target audiences, changing content server that is more engaging to increase conversion rates; in fact any additional me that can be used to generate more revenue.

 2. Supported by a team
A second advantage is that I share the work load and work hands on. I have a team of five. My team can create content, code, build backlinks, optimise pages and translate your website into one that Google rewards with a #1 ranking.

3. Ad hoc or Short term contracts
When I am employed on a contractual basis, the contracts have a three-month break clause. This is done on purpose so that the work I provide can be not only of the very highest quality but also concise precise and in-line with any other marketing a client might be undertaking.

4. Your Industry knowledge
The consultancy services I offer has an unspoken remit that I will gain a good understanding of exactly what your company is providing or selling. All my clients can expect me to have a good working knowledge of the industry they are in as soon as possible and be aware of who there competitors are.

5. Current, up to date
I am often  seen as at the forefront of SEO technology and am often asked for my opinions on ‘search’ by the media including the BBC, the Times and the Guardian and a host of lesser known digital publishers.

6. Accurate, detailed weekly, monthly reporting
Everything that is undertaken for a client is clearly and accurately documented. All of these documents are then archived at the end of the month and sent in both paper and digital form to the client for their records. This helps me  keep a focus on exactly the story we are telling and precisely the targets we are trying to meet.

Consulting work: What do I do?

I specialise in traffic generation and advise companies like eBay, Tesco  and Euroffice whilst working for a number of SMEs that include doctors, dentists, solicitors, investment companies and B2C retailers.

In practice what this means is the often tasked with improving:

      • A website’s Google ranking for its keywords
      • Increasing overall traffic
      • Being responsible for increasing conversion ratios
      • Technical fixes
      • Advanced mark up language
      • International SEO
      • Opportunities and different ways of saying or selling the same thing.

Process: What you can expect

Although keywords, revenue targets and campaigns differ in terms of difficulty or scale, the process remains the same for all clients.

The first point of reference is to gather all data that is available in terms of Google analytics, sales data, PPC keywords, converting keywords etc. More.

Controlling Costs

For all consultancy service I charge a fixed fee of hundred and £160 per hour. All of the work undertaken and completed within this hour is fully documented and supplied to the client at the end of the month in both paper form and digital reporting. More

Getting Started

To make a start the first thing I need to know is what you are looking to achieve. If we don’t have a destination and it’s very difficult to plan a journey.

I need to know your targets, are they monetary or number of leads. I also need to know what the website has achieved in the past, what it is doing at the moment and to have access to Google analytics.

From this I can estimate traffic required to meet your targets and begin to plan a strategy to achieve them. Engagement


The best SEO Results in the UK

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of the best SEO results achieved in the UK. In the past achieve number one position to keywords like IT support, phone case, excellent compensation.

I’ve also worked with a number of financial times like life insurance, PPI, pensions relief. I work with a number of industrialists and have achieved first place rankings for the glass manufacturer, fibreglass manufacturer fibreglass mouldings the list is endless.

In fact there are no keywords that given the time and resources I can achieve a number one position for


I have worked for over 50 SEO agencies offering consultancy and advanced backlink strategies.

I works with a number of large companies like Philips and Hertz as well as smaller industrialists like Moore’s Glass Ltd in London.

I also work with a number of travel companies, tech companies and finance houses. Although our clients are UK based, we operate websites in France, Germany, Spain, China, Russia, Canada and the US.

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